Curriculum Overview

At Multinational School Dhahran, our aim is to provide a rich and stimulating curriculum which enables all our students to access the highest quality materials and learning objectives.

Our curriculum offers the best of the Early Years Foundation Stage, National Curriculum of England; adapted to the specific educational setting and Ministry of Education requirements for international schools in Saudi Arabia.

We have combined 2 of the most popular and highest quality British accredited curricula in order to provide everything our students need in today’s ever-changing world.

We are confident that this tailored package will enable our students to stand out from the crowd as confident and enthusiastic learners.

Curriculum information

Cambridge Curriculum

Cambridge programmes and qualifications are used widely throughout the world and set the global standard for international education. They are designed by curriculum experts and reflect the latest educational research. 

The Cambridge Curriculum, known as The Cambridge Pathway, is designed in four stages from primary school through secondary and pre-university years. Schools can shape the curriculum around how they want students to learn.

For more information on The Cambridge Pathway please click here.

Year on year nearly a million students throughout the world prepare for their future with an education from Cambridge International. At Multinational School Dhahran, we are confident that this curriculum will enable us to provide students with an education that is recognized and held in esteem around the world. Acknowledged for its high academic standards and its well-rounded approach to education, the curriculum provides students with transferability and the opportunity to gain access to reputable universities, worldwide.

Cognia Curriculum

Accreditation from Congnia is a valuable mark of distinction recongnized around the world. Each year, Cognia identifies schools and systems the best exemplify excellence in education and stand out in their service to learners, based on the results of our rigorous accreditation process. 

For more information, click here


Cornerstones Curriculum

Cornerstones is described as “a vibrant and creative curriculum that puts children at its heart.”

Created several years ago to address the constant changes to the UK National Curriculum, Cornerstones aims to excite children’s imaginations, inspiring them to learn whilst extending their horizons, deepening their understanding and meeting their intellectual and personal needs.

The ethos of a Cornerstones education is to develop the child as a learner, therefore the curriculum is designed around the “4 cornerstones” of learning:


For more information on the 4 cornerstones click here.

Cornerstones curriculum

By combining these two very different curricula, it is our aim to ensure that the students at Multinational School Dhahran are provided with high quality learning experiences that foster intellectual independence and transferable skills on a life-long basis. We are confident that learning will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for everyone, where students are equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to be able to make informed choices and help them lead happy and rewarding lives.

If you require any additional information, please feel free to contact our team

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