Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA’s)

We are very excited to announce that from Tuesday 30th October, we will begin offering Extra-Curricular Activities (E.C.A’s)  for our students from year 1 to year 5. MNS Dhahran is dedicated to providing a wide range of activities to our students in order to enhance our curriculum; the activities proposed are the most favoured as voted by the pupils.

E.C.A’s will be held on Tuesdays for girls and Wednesdays for boys. The same activities will be offered both days and will take place from 2:15pm to 3:00pm. Please see the attached list for the full range of E.C.A’s offered.

Please note that some activities will require a small fee and popular activities will be offered on a first come first serve basis.

Students will have the choice of choosing another E.C.A in the following semester, after the winter break.

Please note:

We are unable to keep FS children or siblings who are not partaking in the E.C.A’s on site until 3:00pm on E.C.A days as we do not have the staff or facilities to safely monitor them.  They must be collected at the normal time of 2pm.

It is your responsibility to arrange transport for your child and ensure they are promptly collected by 3pm.


If any of the E.C.A’s attached interest your child, please fill out the form and return it to your classroom teacher by Sunday 28st October.   

Any slips given on the start date of the E.C.A.  will not be accepted and your child will not be able to participate on that day but could start the following week.



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