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  • At Multinational School Dharan we offer a professional and supportive working
    environment which also very important to understand the work-life balance. 
    We are always interested in meeting with  candidates who have a keen interest
    in a teaching.
  • We have an open and  recruitment process for teachers and some other roles,
    if you are interested to work with us at Multinational School Dharan. We check
    out full criminal records  and follow up on references for all roles, and you
    will be required to explain any gaps in employment. Email us your cv and cover
    letter, we will call you for interview. 
  • The internship program provides extensive training and coaching opportunities for selected candidates. During their stay at Multi International School Dharan, interns receive a wealth of career advice and tools.
  • As a qualified employer, we hire teachers and workers from many countries to
    work with us with no limit on the number of workers. We welcome applications
    from staff of all skill levels and provide specific training certificates to help refugees use their skills to succeed at Multinational School Dharan.
  • We offer an opportunity to support passionate entrepreneurs who are committed to professional development and want to advance their chosen career.
  • The goal of our business is to create a stable community of motivated and passionate employees who share their skills and passion for learning and
    development with students.
  • We have excellent and modern learning materials and activities with technology and aim to create a good learning environment for the benefit of all students and staff. 
  • Candidate Selection: 
  1. The selecting committee is responsible to review the applications and select the candidate.  
  2. There are two interviews will held during the whole process.

Basically, the interviews contains two parts….

School Bus Service

Case Study Based Interview:

This part is includes classroom problems, how to handle the challenging problems of class rooms, the candidate will observe the problems and give us a practically solution

Exprience and Expertise:

This interview is to check your academics, resume, and your expertise in your chosen field for job. This part is a type of traditional interview.

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