School Cancellation Update

 Systems & Platforms 

Thank you for your patience and cooperation in working with the teachers to get set up with the online systems and packages to ensure your child is accessing the resources. Despite the quick adjustments, I appreciate that working with different platforms can be a challenge, especially when you have more than one child to support. Due to this feedback, we are diligently working to find the right platforms to move forward with long-term, if required.

Secondly, if you have not heard from Homeroom Teacher and/or Arabic or Islamic Teacher, by the end of the day, please do not hesitate to contact the relevant Coordinator. 

Attendance & Assessments: 

Children must complete their work daily, as this will count as their attendance record. The recording will take place the day after they submit their work, allowing the teacher to assess the support/challenge your child needs.

For example: Work set:  Checked by the Teacher:  Register for Sunday:  Differentiate work 
Sunday  Monday morning  Monday morning if the work is completed  Based on marking and feedback of the work 

Respect & Confidentiality 

We’re exploring supportive platforms for fun and engaging home learning through videos and live streaming. However, for this to work successfully, I must request that you give cultural awareness and respect to the ladies delivering these sessions. Please do not record the sessions without permission, and if you record them, do not share them on social media, with friends and family, etc.

Keep safe.
Best regards,
Kelly Wilkinson


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