Introducing Mrs. Duckham – Key Stage 1 Leader

My name is Mrs. Kari Duckham and I am from sunny South Africa.

I have been teaching at foundation level for 23 years, of which the past 3 years have been in Bahrain.

I believe these early years are the most crucial in a child’s education. I continually strive to ensure my children leave the class every day with a smile on their faces and something newly learned in their minds.

My teaching career began when I volunteered in a school as a teaching-Principal assistant. What a privilege that was to learn from such a knowledgeable teacher. The bulk of my career was teaching in schools where the children’s home language was not English and although this presented with many challenges, I found ways to overcome them to ensure maximum learning is constantly achieved. Teachers need to be adaptable and if necessary, change the design of a lesson to suit the children’s needs.

I hold a Batchelor of Education Honours Degree, an Advanced Certificate in Education specializing in Children with Learning Difficulties and a Certificate in School Readiness. I obtained these qualifications whilst gaining valuable full-time experience as I put the theory into practice.

Every child is unique, from their learning style to their strengths and possible areas of need. I believe these differences should be nurtured through diversity in education.

A big part of teaching is being actively involved in children’s sport. I have coached swimming (basic and squad), field and indoor hockey and mini baseball. Encouraging children to work as a team is exceptionally rewarding. I am a swimmer myself and have previously completed a number of open water races.

Teaching is not just a job… it is my passion.

I have scripted and directed multiple school productions with enthusiasm and pride and have recently been a member of Manama Singers Choir in Bahrain.

I love to sing, dance and bring music into my classroom, as I believe a bond is formed and trust is gained when children are comfortable and happy… and who isn’t happy when they sing and dance?

Just a few personal things about me:

My favourite colour is Purple

My daughter, Tamsen is 18 and is completing her education in South Africa.

I enjoy dressmaking, embroidery and knitting.

I love to swim in the ocean and explore the outdoors.

believe to gain respect, we need to respect others.

Oh and I LOVE drinking coffee!


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